Discover recurring themes and user needs with our smart pattern-finding algorithms.

It's like buying a new TV on Amazon

Did you ever try to find a new TV on Amazon? 32" screen size, HD, white body, with satellite antenna and internet connectivity?

Amazon shows you how many models there are, as soon as you click on screen size, body color or other criteria. It shows you how many will be left even before you click on the next selector!

Same thing here: You click on the tags that you have used and Insights will immediately show you the most relevant observations and relationships to other tags.

Theme builder with filter criteria
Tags and their relationships to each other

Find out where the user is in pain

Imagine: You click on the #frustrated tag and the theme builder shows you how many other tags have been used together with the #frustrated tag!

Now you know that users are frustrated during #speedTrading, or when they are on the phone with an ivestor (#withInvestor), and so on...

You can drill down further into the taxonomy of tags, to find out even more detailed insights about your user's pains and needs!

Save your themes to share them with your teammates

When you have selected an interesting set of tags and the observations form a theme, save that theme with an apt name and a concise description so that your colleagues can see it, too.

A theme is an important contribution that you bring into the next meeting with you teammates where you want to motivate design decisions. Themes will make the team discover the next design opportunity.

Completed theme with name, description, filters and filtered observations

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About us

Our goal is to help companies improve their products.

We give you a tool that shortens the way from research to design decision: Collect evidence about your users’ behavior, make observations about it, mark the observations with tags and let the machine help your team discover recurring patterns and themes. Grasp insights easily because you clearly see what bothers your users and what delights them.

We make it simple for product developers to get to testable new ideas, concepts, and products for their target market so that they can avoid dead ends and keep building products that their customers want.

Our tool helps to make UX findings transparent. The clarity, transparency, and focus allow teams to collaborate with less friction and produce great results.

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