How do I import a piece of evidence?

Our system can import photos that you made during user research, to be used as evidence for the observations that you made. This is how to do it:

Log in using Dropbox (not using your email and password). Click on the Dropbox icon that you see in the login dialog.

This will give the system access to one particular folder inside your Dropbox file area. This folder is called "Apps/Just_Ask_Users". Dropbox makes sure that Insights, our system, can read only those Dropbox files that are inside that folder or inside a sub-folder of that folder, nothing else.

Insights will import the photos that it finds there. Insights will associate them automatically with the right project, study, participant, and researcher so that you can easily find the photos and use them as evidence for your studies.

On the screenshot on the right, you can see a folder structure inside Dropbox. The subfolder names tell Insights which project, study, participant, and researcher those files belong to. Note the prefixes “PR”, “ST”, “RE”, and “PA” for project, study, researcher, and participant.

Install the Dropbox app on your smartphone and upload the photos right after taking them. When you come home to your desk, Insights will already have them in store for you! You will find them in the "Evidence" tab of the user study into which they belong.

You might now want to use that photo to mark specific points in it and add observations based on the point in the photo (e.g. to show what your participants are doing and what you observed about it).

About us

Our goal is to help companies improve their products.

We give you a tool that shortens the way from research to design decision: Collect evidence about your users’ behavior, make observations about it, mark the observations with tags and let the machine help your team discover recurring patterns and themes. Grasp insights easily because you clearly see what bothers your users and what delights them.

We make it simple for product developers to get to testable new ideas, concepts, and products for their target market so that they can avoid dead ends and keep building products that their customers want.

Our tool helps to make UX findings transparent. The clarity, transparency, and focus allow teams to collaborate with less friction and produce great results.

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